ran over by a tractor mural
kristopher jurenas



It's always interesting to see people's reactions when I tell them my business name is ran over by a tractor (all lower case, beause, frankly I hate caps). ​So let me tell you a bit about the time I was ran over by a tractor...


When I was a young boy, growing up on our tobacco farm, I was lucky enough to be outdoors all day, every day and working/playing in the fields. Then one summer day, while I was goofing around on the back of my grandpa's tractor, I fell off, but no one noticed...so you can put the rest of the story together....(hint: ran over by a tractor). 


I was knocked unconscious but had the most amazing vision of the bluest sky with birds flying above me. The colours were amazing and I have never forgotten the image from my vision or "unconscious dream." The painting of this moment is hanging proudly in my home, on the farm and in the house where my grandparents lived and now I live with my wife and daughter. You will see a hint of inspiration from my "ran over" moment in a lot of my work. Hence the birds and a lot of bird homes! 


As for the practical stuff about who I am...

I decided to dedicate myself to art late in high school and then went on to obtain a diploma of fine arts from Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario. I later spent some time working on film and television sets in Toronto when I got homesick for the quiet life in Eden. 


I have been living in Eden since around 2002 where I've recently been working on renovating what was once my grandparent's home. You will see some of the special touches I've added to our home throughout the website. 


What I do?

Art. All of it. Painting, sculpting, metal art, drawing, building...I try and translate my art into everything I do. 


Ran over by a tractor?